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恩施大峡谷七星寨景区导游词(Enshi Grand Canyon)

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       Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to China! Welcome to the amazing and beautiful Enshi Grand Canyon! My name is XXX, and my English name is XXX.  I’m very glad to be your local guide for today’s visit. I hope you will feel good and enjoy yourselves here. Wish you a wonderful journey!Enshi Grand Canyon is located in Tunbao Village in the Town of Banqiao; it is part of Qingjiang River Grand Canyon, with a length of 108 kilometers and an area of 300 square kilometers.

       The Praised by the experts, it receives world reputation together with the Colorado Grand Canyon in US and is considered as one of the most beautiful canyons worldwide. Natural Scenic Resorts consists of One Canyon, Two Rivers, Three Blocks, Four Magic and Five Wonders. Today, we are going to the seven-star village Plate.

        Now let’s look right and you will find the place where two rivers (Xuezhao River and Yunlong River) meet, it was named Two-River Mouth. Yunlong River is rich in water, bringing us the biggest limestone cave in Asia and the oldest Metasequoia in the world; while Xuezhao River has long channel, bringing us pits, cracks and underground rivers.

        On my left hand there are new villages of Grand Canyon. I’ll introduce you the typical building of Tujia People ——diaojiaolou.                                              

        Generally speaking, diaojiaolou has two layers. Near the building, you will find it usually located on the slope of mountain and faced the river. The building is supported by several pillars, thus to create a terrace for people to live .but also keep away from  the damp weather and some savage animals such as snakes ,tigers etc. while the first floor can be used for livestock to live and place the farm tools ,fertilizers and so on. The most important part is the second floor; the second layer is the place for daily diet, which consists of bedroom. Outsiders and guests are usually not allowed to step in. Outside of the bedroom is the spacious and convenient main room, which attaches a fireplace where family members get together and eat around. Near the window it becomes more and more bright. So many Tujia girls like to embroider here and this is also a good place to entertain the guests. There is also a main room connected by the wide corridor with half the height of the peripheral corridor railings and a large row of benches.

        Now we are passing by the great crack of the canyon. The crack relates to Karst landform. Karst topography is a geologic formation shaped by the dissolution of layers of soluble bedrock such as limestone. Some karst regions include thousands of caves, sinkholes and cracks. Because they’re difficult to form and preserve, cracks have become hot scenic sights. For most cracks, the upper layers are generally wider or narrower than the lower ones. What is unique for the Yunlong River Crack is that it has the same width from top to bottom, a U-shaped section, up to now in the world only Romania has been discovered the similar crack. The Yunlong River crack formed at least 50 million years ago. The layers from top to bottom are limestone mainly formed 2.1-2.9 billion years ago, cross the Permian and the Triassic. The crack is 3.6 kilometers long, 15 meters wide and 75 meters deep. In both sides are steep cliffs and spectacular waterfalls, the running water reaches up to Tianshui Underground River, down to Qingjiang River. On the crack there are 7 and a half falls (one waterfall called "half-flow waterfall", which is rich in wet period and dry in dry season).Please look at the waterfall on the upper Yunlong River, you  will find the water is crystal clear and there is rainbow under the sun. It is said that the person who sees the rainbow will by lucky. The waterfall on the lower Yunlong River named Kaiyang Waterfall, also known as Huanglong Colorful Waterfall, contains iron pyrites. After years of wash, the pebbles become colorful. Below it is the colorful river. The local old folk said that the goddess Nvwa had used these stones to mend the sky.

       The legend of Nvwa Mending the Sky is one of the most famous myths in ancient China. She used the soil to create person. One year, War happened in god of fire and god of water, the pillars that have supported the sky were knocked down; Flood of water threatened to peoples’ lives.  Nvwa collected five-color stone to mend the sky. Thus, disasters were conquered and people were saved.

       The Crack once was part of the Yunlong River, running underground for 20 to 30 million years. It has formed when water erosion causes the roof of the underground river to collapse.

       According to geologists at China University of Geosciences, this is the only crack that represents the two major geologic eras on both sides. The right bank is Triassic strata formed 1.8-2.3 billion years ago; the left bank is Permian strata formed 2.5-2.8 million years ago. Due to the upraised earth’s crust, the two strata presented as fault contact and therefore formed deep valley crack after years of mountain lift and water erosion.

       Most sceneries of the Grand Canyon locate in front (Qianshan) and rear (Houshan) mountain. The front mountain (Qianshan) is Triassic strata, looking spectacular; the rear mountain (Houshan) is Permian strata, looking marvelous. The rear mountain is called Da Shanding. It is one of the three blocks as I’ve mentioned before, as well as the origin of Tujia Girl’s Fair. The Traditional Tujia Girl’s Fair is Tujia People’s Valentine’s Day. Every year on June 12th of the Chinese lunar New Year, all the old and the young gather at the markets to celebrate the special Tujia festival. The unmarried young girls try to find their beloved in the name of shopping. Usually the lovers sing the local love songs to express their love. What’s more, if the Tujia Girls succeed in finding their beloved, they will usually promise to marry the beloved without asking their parents for permission. The ladies who have already got married also rush to the markets to buy gifts and then visit their parents. The rough and bold Tujia men often use the drama to celebrate harvest. To welcome friends, usually both the old and the young will perform the traditional local hand-waving dance.

        This is the Gan Yantang Service Center. It’s not only a visitor reception center but also an internal management center. We have gone through the entrance of Xiao Loumen Scenic Spot and now, after 7.5 kilometers of circle walkway, here what we see is named Tiandifenggu. Those of us who stand along the precipices are prompted to wonder about the unearthliness and the forces that created this place.

         Wonders at the bottom of Xiao Loumen Sights:

          In Xiao Loumen, the route is rough but flat, narrow but capable for driving; three peaks are high above the sky; The gate is wide open.

          1、The Leaning Tower Peak

          As we all know, Galileo made the famous experiment in the tower of Pisa in Italy. If he made a trip here then, maybe he would consider changing the experiment site. 

           2、Xiao Loumen

          Beneath the scenic sights are beautiful lush green trees, primitive villages with vegetable fields, one path into another path, and dogs bark and chicken tweet. From dark valley to a bright future, you will feel as if you’ve been transported back in time. Ok, let’s hike from here and climb the sky ladder in the front to enjoy the immense natural beauty. New start, new journey. 

           The upper Xiao Loumen Sights:

           1、Longmen Stone Forest

           This is the Longmen Stone Forest. It is like a huge beautiful art maze, please have fun and enjoy here.

           There is an old Chinese saying "The carp has leaped through the dragon's gate," means success, especially for students who have passed their exams. In the ancient time, a scholar whose family name is Sheng lived in the front hill village. Although disable as a lame, he is a man of great talent. He worked very hard at study like all scholars at his time, long to pass the imperial examination, because any male adult, regardless of his wealth or social status, could become a high-ranking   government official by passing this exam. One year, he luckily entered the final exam. It was the interview by the emperor. The emperor doubted whether Scholar Sheng was the talent he wanted at the first look. The questions by the emperor seemed too difficult, but the clever scholar made witty comeback in poems and at last got the honor of number one scholar.  

         Please look forward, in this forest, strange stones are seen everywhere. This one is like a dragon boat, and that one, an escaping cheetah. This is the Wave Pavilion. Do you see the stone waves below?And the distant mountains look like rolling waves. Ok, let’s go on to see the model of the Grand Canyon. This is a mysterious stone testing the sincerity of the lovers. In the past, Tujia people used it to select their son-in-laws judging by the punch print the competitors left. The strongest, the winner. Would you have a try? That is a Chinese Cupid. Please get down from here, is it like a giant seal? Our heaven gods know good and evil.

         3. The Roaring Lion and Tiger

         Please see here. Just imagine if we empty the soil, what will they be like? The various shape of stones make up of a picture in which hundreds of beasts returning to the mountain.

         The origin of the Tujia People is traced back to the legends of the Ba.  There is a sad and sweet love story. Thousands of years ago, Linjun was a chieftain of one of the Ba tribes. As a warrior, he took part in every battle. The five chiefs of the tribe competed for the throne of the kingdom. The competition consisted of two parts. One was to throw swords into the caves on the cliffs; the other was to navigate a boat through the rapids. Linjun won the competition, and was chosen as king. One day, Linjun and his warriors arrived at a place teeming with fish and a lot of salt. The Goddess of Brine and her tribe had lived here for a very long time. The goddess fell in love with Linjun, but he was preoccupied with territorial expansion. Linjun presented a keepsake to the Goddess of Brine. Later, he used the keepsake as the target for one of his arrows, and killed the goddess. Finally, the painful Linjun turned into a white tiger. From then on, the White tiger is highly revered by the Tujia people, because they believe they are the descendants of the white tiger. In the legend, the boat that Linjun had taken also turned into a mountain.

        4、The One-Line-Sky

        The One-Line-Sky, also known as "Seven-Star-Gate", means that it is a door to reborn. A local poem says: To pass the Seven-Star-Gate, Practice quiet in your heart; outdoors were you a mortal, indoors soon to heaven.

         5、The Cliff Gallery

         The Cliff Gallery, also named the plank road along cliff, is 488 meters long. It has 118 steps and locates in the hillside with an altitude of 1700 meters and net head of over 300 meters. The road is winding and turning. A local song is as follows: The Big Dipper has seven stars, the plank road has seven scare; with every twist and turn, lovers will spend their lives hand in hand.

          Please look forward, the distant summit is like a bridal sedan chair. In that sad romance, king Linjun used this chair when married with Goddess of Brine. Later, he left it there. This is like a Taiji Diagram. Taiji originated from ancient China. Nowadays, it is practiced as an exercise for health.

          Zhong Loumen Scenic Sights:

         1. Zhong Loumen

          Do you remember the legend of Goddess Nvwa mending the sky? It is said that she flied to heaven by this gate. Her seven-star-chair is still on the mountain top. She had used the chair to carry the five-colored stones to the gate of heaven.

          2. Star Mountain

          These numerous stones are like stars dotting the sky. They provided sub-material for Goddess Nvwa mending the sky.

          3. Entering Zhong Loumen

          There is the mountain I just mentioned named Sedan Chair Mountain.

          This is the Seven-Star Platform. Let’s take a deep breath and enjoy the fresh air in this natural oxygen bar. This one is like a flying eagle, and that one, a crown of the King Linjun.

           4. Yanwan Visitors Break Room

           Ok, here we could take a break, eat and relax for a moment and then go on to explore more beautiful scenery.

            5. Those are lamination rocks. It is believed that they can bring good luck. Try to touch? Every one of us has seen the Olympic Flame, the symbol of the Olympic Games. This is a natural torch stone named” Lucky Cloud”. During the Beijing Olympic Games, it burnt and dried up the pine tree above it. 

            6. Bowing Pine Tree

            Please look at here, one of the five wonders of the Grand Canyon. In typical karst landform, the precipices and peak cluster do not often appear together. Yet we have both at the same time. Its uniqueness can be seen as above. This pine tree is bowing for the greeting and farewell of the guests.  Our Tujia and Miao People are always friendly, courteous, and hospitable. Please look at the mountain opposite, is it like a giant turtle in the middle? He is climbing up hard to the top to see Goddess Nvwa’s sedan chair. Free from the hustle and bustle of outside world, there were no beeping horns, no crazy mopeds; just the serene stillness and beauty of nature. Please feel it in your heart. This is a tailor stone. Coming out easily from it will prove your good fit.

            Da Loumen Scenic Sights:

            A stick of incense

            The incense is about 150 meters high, with the minimum diameter of only 4 meters. The compressive strength of the rock here is 800 kilograms per cubic centimeter. It is like a giant stone finger reaching toward the heaven. In the old legend, the stone pillar is brought by the gods of the heaven. People lit the incense when in difficulty and the gods would save them seeing the smoke. Therefore, it has another name“Save Living Incense ”. On clear day, when a cloud floating on the summit, the incense looks like in fairytale land; while on rainy day, mist rises like the blue veil gleamingly, making it charming.

             Geologically speaking, the incense is formed by the constant erosion and scouring of Yangtze River and Qingjiang River. So far it is the largest and longest in the world. Let’s get down from here to watch each side of it. This is a willing well, something like Italy Trevi Fountain.

              Road to Paradise

              It’s a long way to paradise. There are 181 steps from Dengtian Pavilion to Dengtian Gate. In this number, 100 means success and 81 symbolizes hard work. Please have a look. This is a thumb. Do you see the 3 mountains in front? They are Yuping Mountain, Yulv Mountain and Yubi Mountain. The left one is like a giant writing brush and Buddha’s hand. The right one is like a screen and a nest. The middle one is like a woman waiting for her husband with her child. Ok, let’s go on.

              Mother and Son

              What we are seeing is a Tujia woman kissing her baby. It witnesses the greatest love in the nature. There is a mountain like an elephant trunk.

             This is a book from the heaven. Ok, here comes the road from the heaven back to our world, please follow me and take the longest outdoor elevator in Asia.

             Time flies, our visit is coming to an end and it’s very difficult for me to say goodbye to you. I highly appreciate your understanding and cooperation. I don’t expect that all of you will remember me, but I really hope that my service is of help to you. Thank you very much and best wishes to you.

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